sábado, noviembre 12, 2011

Students demonstrate in Colombia


Tens of thousands of Colombian students have joined demonstrations across the country against government plans for educational reform. FSRN’s Lorenzo Morales reports from Bogotá.

The students claim the reforms amount to partial privatization of public universities and will make education too expensive for the majority. They also want a voice in any reform process.

“We believe education shouldn’t be a commodity you can trade, but a right the government must guarantee to the people”.

This student was of the 150,000 who gathered at the Plaza de Bolivar, near the Congress and Presidential house in the capital. Video posted on YouTube by citizen journalist pacocoltv.

On Thursday, president Juan Manuel Santos offered to withdraw the proposals if students call off a month-long strike and return to classes, but the offer had little effect. Demonstrations have been growing in number and intensity since last April, when the government first announced reforms. Lorenzo Morales, FSRN, Bogotá.

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